The biggest issue faced by the rating industry is authenticity. Reviews are often seen as fake, lacking transparency, tedious for customers and of limited use to retailers. In a market where consumer spending is massively influenced by ratings and reviews (UK alone £23bn each year), businesses are losing out and customers feel cheated owing to the lack of an authentic rating platform that fits with their busy lifestyle.

The Solution:
iShake offers a mobile app platform and SDK/API for authentic and transparent ratings by shaking your smartphone. It's quick simple and fun to use creating a powerful link between businesses and consumers. It links to social media so your friends and followers can see what’s been rated and it provides a valuable proposition for retailers who can precision target their customers with promotions and customer engagement. Its scope covers every aspect of your life experiences.

Disrupting the ratings industry by allowing honest, transparent and traceable ratings of life experiences on a app platform and installation of API/SDK, creating a powerful & profitable connection between businesses and consumers.